For I Have Returned! Jul28

For I Have Returned!

After a lengthy five month break of doing nothing with this platform, or any others for that matter, I have decided to get back into telling the few people that may stumble on this site what’s good.

Tiny Hero

I’m pretty sure the only reason this isn’t called “Man Bat” is because Man Bat is an actual Batman villain.

Forest Dream

If you’re a MiyazakI fan you’ll probably love this shirt.

True Detective

It’s difficult to determine if True Detective will resonate with a modern television watching audience. I’m as guilty as anyone of multitasking while TV watching, with either my laptop fired up or my cell phone in my hand, but True Detective asks for more of our attention-and rewards us for it.

Super Saiya Gym

What they don’t tell you is everyone is walking around popping sensu beans.


@midnight is in the second week of its return to television. Hulu is still referring to it as season one, but, ahh, who cares…

January 15th, 2014

I very carefully select which comics you should be reading for you. You know, so you don’t have to do that work yourself. Here are the comics I think you should be spending money on this week.


We’ve all been “lied to” about ninjas. They didn’t wear those black pajamas. They wore the same sort of thing everyone else wore, because they were spies. Last I heard spies didn’t wear uniforms.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Tonight there is a new episode of the Golden Globe winning comedy.

Factory Safety

When you look back it a lot of kids were harmed and possibly even killed during the course of their trip to Wonka’s factory.