October 23rd, 2013

I very carefully select which comics you should be reading for you. You know, so you don’t have to do that work yourself. Here are the comics I think you should be spending money on this week.

Excellent TARDIS Adv...

OK, so the phone booth is a little too similar, still, party on dudes!


Chris Hardwick has a new show premiering tonight after The Colbert Report. Given his track record on TV recently I think it might be he and a group of panelists discussing what just happened on The Colbert Report. I wonder why they didn’t decide to call it “Talking Colbert”.

True American Champi...

True American is both something I don’t understand and something that I would like to try.

The Walking Dead

It’s that show that a lot of people love! It’s on tonight!

Comedy Bang! Bang!

It’s Friday. Friday’s a weird night. Who watches TV on Friday?! I do.

Ken Marino AMA Oct18

Ken Marino AMA

Ken Marino of Party Down, Children’s Hospital, and the recent film Bad Milo! is doing a Reddit AMA in less than 10 minutes.

Vivek Tiwary –...

Last Friday at New York Comic Con I had the pleasure of talking to Vivek Tiwary, the author of the excellent “The Fifth Beatle” graphic novel, about the book itself and its upcoming movie adaptation.

Greetings From Los S...

I’m about to go there right now. I have a few things I need to take care of.

12 Years a Slave

Only one film really has me wanting to see it this week, even though I’m not going to be able to.