Dunny Evolved

Kid Robot releases a brand new set of Dunnys upon the world today.


Just going with what’s first up tonight. TV is on and you may be watching it. Here are the things you might want to pay extra attention to.

Singing in the Rain

Rain is mogwai freaky season.

October 9th, 2013

I very carefully select which comics you should be reading for you. You know, so you don’t have to do that work yourself. Here are the comics I think you should be spending money on this week.

Spooky Side Up

No power pellets are required for this.

Drunk Robot

He’s always drunk. That’s what makes him special.

99.1% Pure

3% makes a big difference.

The Keeping Tree

It could only give so much.

Day of the Dead Home...

Kid Robot has gone and given Homer the Day of the Dead treatment.

The League

Last week’s episode was weird. But, I feel like this week’s will be back on the usual suspects. Is Rafi really dead? It was a year in the future, so who knows.