Orlo, Metrocity

In Megamind, the title character, voiced by Will Ferrell, is an alien who was sent here by his parents to escape the destruction of his planet. His counterpart, Metro Man(voiced by Brad Pitt), was also sent to Earth by his parents to escape their dying planet. The only thing is Metro Man was found and adopted by a loving couple, and Megamind landed in a prison and was adopted by the inmates.

So, as they grow up together in Metro City, Megamind becomes Metro Man’s villain. In one of his dastardly plans Megamind kills Metro Man with a death ray using the sun’s energy. After the death of Metro Man Megamind does whatever he wants with the city, but soon grows bored and decides to create a new adversary using Metro Man’s DNA.


  • This movie looks great. There are a lot of great little details, like clothes wrinkling when the characters move, and hair blowing in the wind fairly realistically.
  • There are a lot of nice nods to DC comics  and pop culture in general.  For instance, the beginning/Metro Man is very much like Superman and his origin story and if he had an “evil twin” without powers. Jonah Hill’s character is named Hal Stewart(I’m assuming after two of Earth’s Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart). And, there’s a poster of Megamind that says “No You Can’t”, the Opposite of an Obama campaign poster. They also create a Donkey Kong like training course for the new hero Megamind creates.


  • This movie isn’t very funny. It was promoted as a comedy, but where are the laughs? I really feel like a great cast was squandered. Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, David Cross, Jonah Hill & Brad Pitt voice characters in this, but a lot of the jokes fall flat. For instance, Megamind mistakes a window for a monitor, but when he was younger they show him in a school that has windows. A sad attempt at a joke that makes no sense.
  • Megamind has problems pronouncing certain words. Like, he says hello “Orlo”and he calls Metro City “metrocity”, but he calls Metro Man “Metro Man”. Wouldn’t he call him “Metroman”?

Megamind isn’t a bad movie, it’s just not what I expected. I wanted more from the writers. While there are some good references it’s extremely light on good jokes. If you’re looking for a funny animated film you’re not going to find it here. If you just want a mildly entertaining superhero film, then Megamind is for you.

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