The Office – Test the Store

“Test the Store” is the latest episode of The Office, and we still have the divide of characters between Tallahassee and Scranton. In this episode, the folks down in Tallahassee are ready to make their grand opening for the first Sabre store, while there is a meeting in Scranton regarding the gang problem.

Everyone at Tallahassee has been assigned a role for the store opening, be it Erin as a hipster to fake interest, Kathy has the job of flirting with the bloggers (which she asked for), Ryan has to give a presentation, and Packer is tasked with being the sexual predator. Everyone else was a normal customer service associate.
In Scranton, the “gang problem” was actually just a bunch of teenage girls on bikes that were harassing Pam until Andy came over to intervene, and he got punched in the face by one of the girls, producing a black eye. The rest of the office was unaware of the teenage girl bicycle gang and thought the police needed to be involved.

  • The “fail” by Jim for using his normal cell phone instead of the Sabre Pyramid phone in front of the bloggers, which earned him the task of holding the grand opening sign out front.
  • Pam arguing about her post pregnancy body with a teenage girl midway through the episode, where she retorted with “Let’s see how you look after you have yours in a year!” to the thirteen year old girl. This was essentially the turning point in the episode.
  • Ryan’s apparent mommy and Kelly issues, where he needs to feel smarter than someone to have any confidence whatsoever, and his eventual running out before the presentation.
  • Dwight and Jim’s continuing realization of their codependent relationship
  • Minimal Todd Packer moments. The character in general is more reminiscent of something out of It’s Always Sunny than something that belongs on The Office, and he always feels out of place.
  • Essentially the entire first half of the episode, until Pam takes that jab at the teenage girl was VERY slow and not very entertaining. I was thinking the episode was the end of the “Oh! The Office is funny again now that they actually changed location!” trend from the previous few weeks. Luckily, the second half the of the episode knocked it out of the park.


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