The Office – Last Day in Florida

“Last Day in Florida” starts off with Dwight, Jim, Robert, and Nellie out golfing. Robert reveals to Jim that he is going to sabotage the Sabre idea and Dwight will be canned in the process. Jim attempts to stop Dwight from attending the presentation to the board to save his job, and Dwight believes it to be a prank.
In Scranton, there is a competition between Toby and Darryl for who is going to get Kevin as a “client” for Girl Scout Cookies. Erin finally reveals to Andy that she isn’t coming back to Scranton.

  • Stanley’s being upset that the trip is over
  • The Dwight and Jim brawl in the hallways before and during the presentation, which saves Dwight’s job.
  • The end of Todd Packer? He doesn’t fit.
  • Kevin putting Toby and Darryl essentially through the ringer while they competed for his cookie sales, and then turning the tables on him when they decided they didn’t want his business anymore.
  • This is more hopeful than anything else, but I’d love to see Dwight and Jim suddenly realize their weird co-dependence and start doing crazy stuff together instead of against each other back in Scranton, perhaps especially while Andy is in Florida trying to bring back Erin.
  • Well, the time in Florida is over. These episodes really breathed some life into the characters and the show, which hopefully is going to carry back into the normal routine…I doubt it, though, unfortunately.

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