The Office – After Hours

“After hours” featured more time in Tallahassee for Dwight, Jim, Stanley, Ryan, Cathy, and Erin, alongside Todd Packer and Nellie…and more feeble alone time up north in Scranton for the rest of the office.

Cathy is actively pursuing Jim, Ryan is actively pursuing Erin, Dwight is actively pursuing the Vice Presidency job, Packer is actively pursuing Nellie, and Stanley is actively pursuing anything that walks and has three holes.


  • Jim’s use of Dwight to keep Cathy at bay, and Cathy’s continued “innocent” play towards Jim.
  • Erin’s accidental turning on and then shooting down of Ryan, through making the idea of a one night/short term idea sound good, followed by immediately talking about being very serious together…and a six month wait for….”it”, it seems. Ryan was not impressed.
  • “A real man swallows his vomit when a lady is present”
  • The general setting of Tallahassee lends itself to some fresh feeling material, which the show has been in dire need of for a while. I’m wondering when Robert California is going to show up at either the Scranton or Tallahassee location, since he spends time at both.


  • Those poor leftover and less interesting cast members in Scranton. I feel they need a bit more help from Robert California than the folks down in Tallahassee do. You can almost feel Andy’s attempt at being an effective regional manager echoing Ed Helms attempt to prove he can be a leading man.
  • The constant developing relationships within the office, now finally coming to a head with Daryl and Val. Hey kids watching at home: DON’T SHIT WHERE YOU SLEEP. Don’t try and date coworkers.

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