The Office – Get the Girl

In “Get the Girl”, The Office took about 40 steps backwards. Andy drives to Florida to get Erin back (it works). Everyone else (Nellie included) was back in Scranton. Let’s just cut to the yay/nay…

  • The beginning of the episode. If you have ever worked in an office scenario, particularly one that has the wild card of the more “grunt” type workers of a warehouse on premise, you understand this event perfectly. The balloon is exactly the sort of minor thing that an office gets excited about, and then finds a way to make slightly funnier. The only thing it was missing was someone saying “man, the excitement never ends around here!”, legitimately, thus showing that they actually need a new job and set of hobbies. This was spot on, overall, and I laughed a lot during this…however….
  • Dear “The Office”…go back to Florida. Or something. Everything went back to being basically nondescript and boring, where nothing actually happened and nobody explained why. Rainn Wilson wrote the episode, but it may as well have been a drunken JJ Abrams.
  • Nellie apparently has taken Andy’s job? I’m not quite sure, but I know she’s here for a bit longer.
  • Let’s make this a surrogate “YAY”..because in hindsight, Jim declaring/asking “What is happening?!?” is a perfect description of this episode.
  • Pam took a nap during the episode. I wish I did, too.

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