The Never Not a Nerd Show – Episode 22

As you would expect we get even more radical in episode 22 than we did in episode 21. Watch all of the segments, because they are gooooood.

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Rick’s got the Joker smile going for Episode 22.
This week we talked about:
Parks and Recreation,
The Office,
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

In the TV segment we talked about:
The Walking Dead,
Fred Durst and CBS,
Some upcoming premieres including Beavis & Butthead

In the Movies segment we talked about:
New Releases,
Expensive Home Viewing,
IMDB lawsuit,
Another The Hangover 2 lawsuit,
Thor 2’s new director,
More Transformers

The video in this is a little wonky at some points, but if you continue watching it’ll be worth it. Maybe you’ll even get a prize at the end (you won’t).

In the Video Games segment we talked about:
New Releases,
Microsoft and Twisted Pixel,
Street Fighter X Tekken,
South Park: Scott Tenorman’s Revenge,
GTA III 10th Anniversary

In the Tech segment we talked about:
iPhone 4S,
Omni Touch,
Droid Razr,
Verizon Wireless,
Sony hacked (again),
The Robocalypse Video of the Week

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