The Never Not a Nerd Show – Episode 18

Rick claims if this show was a person it’d be legal. That’s weird. Rick’s a weird dude, like sexually. Ask him about his perversions on Twitter @rickstarke

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Rick decided to join in on the TV fun last week. He and Jamie talked about:
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,

In the TV segment this week we talked about:
Source Code moving to TV,
The Emmys,
Archer ratings,
Premiere dates

In the video games segment this week we talked about:
New releases,
Dragon Age 2 DLC,
NBA 2K12,
Sony’s terms of use,
Scientists using PS3’s

In the tech segment this week we talked about:
Netflix mail becoming Qwikster,
Netflix instant,
The Robocalypse Video of the Week

In the movies segment this week we talked about:
New releases,
A Robocop remake,
Remakes of everything else that’s sci-fi,
An Evil Dead remake,
In Time possibly thieving ideas

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