The Never Not a Nerd Show – Episode 15

Yeah! Episode 15, that’s another mini-milestone right? Anyway, Abdul is dealing with life so from here until further notice Rick is the interim co-host.

Some of the segments from the next episode are already posted, and you can check those out on our vimeo page right now.

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This week Jamie was the only one that ended up watching the shows that are normally discussed. Here is the video of that!

In the TV segment this week we talked about:
Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 4 ,
HBO’s Bored to Death ,
Sarah Silverman working with NBC,
Breaking Bad’s future cancellation

In the video games segment this week we talked about:
Game releases,
Gamestop and Deus Ex,
PS3 price drop,
PS3 + Directv,
The Baconing  ,
Lollipop Chainsaw

In the tech segment this week we talked about:
HP & WebOS,
Google & Motorola,
AT&T’s texting woes,
Verizon strike,
Facebook’s Chameleonism,
The Robocalypse Video of the Week

In the movie segment this week we talked about:
Recent movie releases,
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance ,
Another Blade Runner,
Immortals  ,
Fall Movies,
An impromptu review of 30 Minutes or Less

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