The Never Not a Nerd Show – Episode 13

Episode 13! That means we’re a quarter of a year into doing the show. And as you know, a quarter of a year is halfway to half a year, which is halfway to a year. A lot of halves of halves.
Of course the microphone was an a-hole and the audio was bad for this episode, so we had to make do with the camera audio.
Enjoy the episode!

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In the TV segment this week we talked about:
Thursday Night Comedy,
FX renewing it’s funniest shows,
AMC blowing it with Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead,
Jersey Shore’s record premiere,
SyFy cancelling Eureka

In the Video Game segment this week we talked about:
Playstation Play,
The delay of Vita’s launch,
Sony’s 3D monitor bundle,
EA Sports Season Ticket,
Twisted Metal,
Elder Scrolls:Skyrim’s Collector’s Edition,
Walmart’s early 3DS price drop.

In the Tech segment this week we talked about:
The Verizon strike,
An AIDS detecting chip,
Hacking cars,
AT&T’S war on unauthorized tethering,
Droid Bionic,
The Robocalypse Video of the Week

In the Comics segment this week we talked about:
The new Ultimate Spider-man,
Uncanny X-Men #1’s cover,
Fantastic Four #600’s cover,
Comparative Comic Review of the Week:
Punisher #1 & Daredevil #1

In the Movies segment this week we talked about:
The movies that came out last week,
DC movie pictures/news,
Our Transformers bet,
The Sitter,
Green Lantern 2,
Spider-Man 2.2

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