Neighbors From Hell is a new TBS show that premiered Monday night at 10PM. Ya know, the time slot for adult themed cartoons. The show was produced and written by Pam Brady. You might be wondering who Pam Brady is. Well, she was a producer on South Park for four seasons, as well as co-writing South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut and Team America: World Police. Her resume is quite impressive.

In the first episode, Balthazor Hellman is caught watching TV while on break from torturing someone in hell(by making them listen to Britney Spears). The devil then sends him and his family(imagine the Addams Family with a demon-dog) to Earth because he feels they have the best chance to blend in due to Balthazor having watched almost every human sitcom ever. The reason he gets sent to Earth is to destroy a drill that could possibly reach the center of the planet, where hell is located.


  • The animation style is great. The characters and backgrounds are drawn beautifully.
  • It was the first episode, and there’s a lot more they could do with it.


  • I thought this show was a comedy? If it is a comedy then how come the only funny thing was that Britney Spears used as a torture device joke? That was funny for 5 seconds, a chuckle funny. The run-time was approximately 22 minutes. That’s 21 minutes 55 seconds of a comedy show being unfunny. The TBS promos during commercial breaks that erroneously claim “Very Funny” didn’t help the cause either.
  • A lot of pop culture reference jokes, and they all fell flat. “hex-messaging”? Are you for real?
  • The cast was squandered. Will Sasso plays Balthazor, Molly Shannon plays his wife Tina, and Patton Oswalt plays the talking demon-dog Pazuzu.  I love Patton Oswalt, to put him in something that gets no laughs is a giant waste.

As you can probably tell I suffered through this episode, which is fitting since the devil says human television should only be used in hell as a torture device. The part I really don’t understand is how such talented people could make a show that was so boring. I liked Balthazor as a character, but everyone else was either very unlikeable or non-existent. Like I mentioned, there’s a lot more they can do with it. This show needs to get better fast, or they’ll be a free slot on a lot of DVR’s

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