Music Video of the Week!! – Childish Gambino

Since Jamie’s still out of commission, I’m hijacking all of his usual stuff, like MVotW.  Why?  Because I can, that’s why.  A week ago Childish Gambino released his latest album ‘Culdesac’ online.  Along with this, on his website he threw a few videos on there of himself performing a few songs.  You may notice that Childish Gambino looks familiar.  That’s because he’s none other than Donald Glover, comedy actor of Derrick Comedy and The Community (the guy I still think should have been Spider-Man).  He’s also a sick rapper and his cover of “Over” by Drake is pretty good.  You can download his album for free on his site right now, which I would do if I were you.  Actually, I am doing it.  So there.

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