Mitsubishi’s Electric Car

Electric cars are cool, right? So, let’s talk about a new electric car. Mitsubishi’s “i” MiEV (Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle) went live for pre-orders this past Friday(Earth Day). The economy model will go for $20,490 after a federal tax credit, as the above image shows. The car pictured above is the SE though, not the ES

Specs, you say? The important specs for an electric car are distance per charge and charge time. Well, there isn’t any information about how far you can get on a single charge, but the charge time for a standard 120 volt outlet is 22.5 hours for a 100% charge. There’s also a special, and optional, home charging station(240 volt) you can purchase that will need to be installed in a garage. This charger will give you a 100% charge in 6 hours. There’s no info on how much the station will cost(after some research they tend to go for about $1,500 – $2,500), however, Mitsubishi does mention it is eligible for an additional $1,000 federal tax credit. When you’re out on the go your brakes are supposed to be taking the energy from deceleration and applying it to charge the battery. You can also add on an additional port to allow for use of quick-charge stations. These stations will give you an 80% charge in as little as 30 minutes (it will most likely take longer if they use the phrase “as little as”).

Now as far as concerns go we don’t know how far you can get on a charge. Don’t take this as me being against electric cars, because I like the idea, but don’t all batteries lose their ability to hold a charge over time? How much are replacement batteries going for electric cars? This is also fairly ugly. It looks like someone grabbed the back of a smart car and stretched it into a 4-door.

One of the features you can get is navigation. This makes me wonder what affect using navigation and other normal “accessories” you’d use in your car would have on the battery life. If you’re making a 30 mile traffic-filled commute on a hot day, are you going to have to choose between having the A/C or the radio on?

Check of the car’s site for more info.

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