ChrisAtMidnightChris Hardwick has a new show premiering tonight after The Colbert Report. Given his track record on TV recently I think it might be he and a group of panelists discussing what just happened on The Colbert Report. I wonder why they didn’t decide to call it “Talking Colbert”.

Wait, I guess @midnight is like a daily version of “Best Week Ever”. You can check out @midnight at midnight(CLEVER!) on Comedy Central.

Way before that, at 7PM, is a brand new Adventure Time on Cartoon Network.

That’s going to be followed by a half hour long Regular Show Halloween special at 7:30PM, also on Cartoon Network.

The new Cartoon Network block ends with Uncle Grandpa, which airs at 8PM.

If cartoons aren’t your thing you can sit on your couch making serious faces until 10PM when NBC airs the latest episode of The Blacklist.

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