Microsoft’s 2010 E3 Press Conference – Live Blog

Here is the archive of the live blog. I’ll try to get any relevant clips from the conference up soon.

1:30 – It has begun – with the COD: Black Ops trailer that was posted earlier.

1:33 – Oh hey, Black Ops gameplay demo. Did anyone tell them this isn’t Modern Warfare?

1:35 – Even better, this time the “in the interest of time” happened while he was getting shot at.

1:38 – Jason West(the guy who played Modern Warfare 2 last year) was like a super soldier compared to this guy.

1:39 – Now, here’s Don Mattrick, or is that Luke Wilson?

1:40 – Infinity Ward is basically destroyed, I’m sure EVERYONE’S going to want to play Call of Duty for the next 3 years!

1:42 – Hideo Kojima is back for another year on the Xbox 360 stage.

1:43 – We’re going to get to see gameplay from Metal Gear Solid:Rising

1:45 – I had to laugh at how ridiculous that sword slashing was. It looks cool, but kind of like that Afro Samurai game.

1:47 – Oh, the exclusive promise. Everything from now on will only be on 360. And here’s Cliff Bleszinski.

1:48 – Gears of War 3 4-player gameplay demo, exciting!

1:53 – yeah, that Gears demo was pretty dope.

1:54 – Now Peter Molyneaux is on-stage to lull us to sleep with his voice. Oh, he’s showing Fable III

1:56 – Fable II was a pretty big change from Fable, Fable III seems like more of the same.

1:57 – CryTek is making a game with Microsoft. I think it was called Codename: Kingdoms?

1:59 – Now we’re talking Halo:Reach, and they’re showing gameplay of the campaign.

2:01 – Apparently you get armor abilities  in the campaign as well. And assassinations

2:04 – That was a pretty good demo, and it included space combat.

2:06 – Now they’re talking about using Kinect, formerly known as Project Natal.

2:08 – It either has decent voice recognition, or someone selected that behind the scenes. He just changed the scene in a movie with his hand and then he paused it with his voice.

2:11- Video Kinect – video chat using just Kinect.

2:13 – This is pretty lame. This video chat seems like something people will use once or twice. I don’t think anyone’s going to buy Kinect for this.

2:16- ESPN on-demand is going to be on the 360. Guys that predominantly play Madden are PUMPED.

2:19 – The gaming heavy crowd is not digging this sports clip demo

2:21 – The fact that ESPN won’t cost anything else is pretty huge.

2:22 – Kudo Tsunoda, the white man with the Japanese name.

2:24 – They’re showing off Kinectimals, the game where you can play with animals. This one is a tiger name Skittles.

2:26 – She was pretending to be licked by the tiger. This is going to make some kids weird.

2:27 -Now it’s Kinect Sports with an annoying guy.

2:28 – If you live on on a floor above the first, don’t play the hurdles game they just showed.

2:30 – Kinect Sports – It’s like Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort all in one!

2:31 – Joy Ride is now a Kinect game. And how did she flip that car?

2:32 – Stunts you can’t get in any other kart game? That was hilarious.

2:32 – They’re showing Kinect Adventures! now

2:34 – Kinect – It will embarrass you without your knowledge!

2:35 – Do you really want photos of yourself jumping around like a fool?

2:36 It automatically posted the pictures it took while the people were playing to Facebook

2:37 – They just showed Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. An exercise game for Kinect.

2:39 – The fitness game just scanned her body and told her it would tailor programs to her shape. That’s pretty crazy. This could kill fitness games on the Wii.

2:40 – Well do enough people that own a 360 want this?

2:42 – Getting a score while working out does seem like it would make it more fun.

2:44 – This the Harmonix dance game?

2:45 – Yes it is, and it’s called Dance Central.

2:46 – Alex Rigopolous from Harmonix is on-stage now.

2:47 – People like my girlfriend are going to want to play this game.

2:48 – This guy has BALLS to dance like this live.

2:49 – Did Harmonix make the new drunken party game with Dance Central?

2:51 – They just officially announced a date of November 4th for Kinect’s release. And there will be 15 launch titles.

2:52 – They’re showing off a Star Wars game using Kinect

2:52 – Did he force-throw a tank?

2:53 – The Turn 10 guys are here to talk Forza

2:54 – They’re showing off Forza/Kinect  features.

2:55 – You can look at Xbox 360 models of cars, Yay?

2:56 -Don Mattrick is back

2:58 – They just unveiled a new 360 design. Built in Wifi?! You should’ve done that YEARS ago! I want the $80 for my adapter back.

2:59 – They just gave everyone in the audience a free new model of the 360. That’s a way to win over the press.

3:00 – And it is over.

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