Here Come the Men in Black

This is the third movie and it follows three agents?! Well, two, there’s three main heroes because of time travel.
Agents Jay and Kay are still partners. They’re still investigating alien disturbances together when one of the worst to have ever come to Earth, Boris the Animal (just Boris), escapes from Lunarmax prison and returns to Earth to kill Kay. Using a time travel device built by one of the prisons other inmates Boris returns to 1969 to kill Kay before he takes Boris’ arm and puts him in prison. It’s up to Jay to go back in time to stop Boris from killing Kay and save Earth from invasion.


  • MIB3 far surpasses any of the lameness involved in MIB2. While this isn’t hard to do, it arguably surpasses the original.
  • The action sequences and comic relief are well done and we’ll written. This is a really fun movie.
  • The story is the star here. Yes Jay is trying to stop an invasion of Earth, but he’s also doing it out of love for his partner. And the end? The ending is damn good.


  • Jemaine Clement plays the villain Boris, and while he doesn’t do a bad job you expect a character he’s playing to be somewhat comical, but he’s so much of a hard ass you don’t get that.
  • I saw it in 3D. I also don’t remember any specific scenes benefitting from 3D.

Men in Black 3 is great fun and a fantastic summer movie. You won’t miss much at all if you see it in 2D, but you should definitely check it out. It’s very unlikely for the third movie in a franchise to be the franchises best (only one I can think of is Toy Story 3), but I feel like like this is the best Men in Black movie. They don’t need to make another Men in Black , but I don’t think I’d mind if it were as good as this one.


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