MARRIED Married is the first show in what I’ve dubbed FX’s new “Horrible People Hour”. I’m not even sure that’s a great name. It’s more like “Horrible Couple Hour”. But, they are not horrible couples, just horrible people that happen to be in couples. Whatever, you know what I mean. Right?

Married focuses on Russ(Nat Faxon) and Lina(Judy Greer), two mid-to-late thirty-somethings with three kids that are just sliding by. They’re broke, their sex life is in more of a ditch than a rut, and their support group is made up of sweet, but equally morally bankrupt people AJ (Brett Gelman) and Jess (Jenny Slate). This doesn’t make for a bad show though. Contrary to what some people seem to believe you don’t have to like the protagonists of a show to like the show. I know a lot of people that like (myself included) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and all the characters on that show are dirtbags. Russ and his friends AJ & Jess are lovable dirtbags. Hey, his sometimes boss Bernie(John Hodgman) lent him $400 for what he thought was a hooker. And his friend AJ gave him his credit card to pay for a vet bill. After forcing him to hang out with prostitutes for a night, but he still gave him the credit card. They’re not ALL bad people.

Wait a minute, last week’s episode was about them not having the $500 they needed to pay the dentist to get their daughter’s braces tightened. Has money issues been a plot point in every episode so far in this series? Nooo, they went on a vacation in an episode. Well, an episode in which Russ convinced a younger guy to buy his dream car with money he was saving for something responsible.  Shit, is that why people don’t like this show? Because a comedy wherein the wife isn’t as into sex as she once was and they have money problems constantly reminds people too much of their real lives when they look to television for escapist fantasy?! Maybe those people need to step back and remember that what’s often funniest is a take on what happens in the lives of real people. You can’t say that Lina and Russ don’t at least feel like real people, flaws and all.

Married airs on FX Thursdays at 10. It’s on very soon! Check it out!

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