So, along with Predators which was released last night there was the trailer for Machete, a movie that could very well be Robert Rodriguez’s masterpiece because of everything it has, not the least of which is Danny Trejo.  I cannot begin to tell you how awesome Danny Trejo is because it just goes too far beyond words.  The trailer gives us everything we could ask for: Jessica Alba half-naked, Danny Trejo tossing people out of windows, Cheech Marin as a priest that kills people like craaaaazy.  Dude, there are luchadors and Robert DeNiro in this movie.  Anyone who saw Rodriguez team up with Tarantino on Grindhouse saw the at-the-time ‘fake’ trailer for Machete.  Rodriguez liked it so damn much he went ballistic on this movie and made it look totally badass and crazy.  There are a couple little surprises in the trailer I won’t spoil, but I will tell you that this is just too awesome for words, I shit you not.

Was that awesome, or what?  I’m serious, this movie is going to be the shit.  Thank God, too, because I was starting to worry that the majority of movies I was looking forward to weren’t coming out until next year.  Can’t wait on the Green Lantern forever, y’know?

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