Whatever Life Throws at You

As a fan of its star, I went into Trouble with the Curve biased: I appreciate the majority of Clint Eastwood’s roles, and this is no different. Much like Shia Lebouf in Lawless, I was apprehensive about Justin Timberlake’s presence in this film, but in both cases, I was dead wrong and I think they were both well cast. The story is fairly straight forward, and despite taking place in the world of baseball, the real heart of the film centers on a father and daughter reconnecting. The performances are solid, the plot hits on all cylinders, and John Goodman is always a welcome presence. There is a twist toward the end that is much darker than I anticipated the film going, but it adds credibility to Clint’s character and his motivations. A definite recommend, but nothing will be lost if you wait to DVD, or the no doubt constant airings this film will have on TBS in a couple years.

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