The League

jay cutler is excitedLast week’s episode was weird. But, I feel like this week’s will be back on the usual suspects. Is Rafi really dead? It was a year in the future, so who knows. Jay Cutler has been on a few times this season. Look at how happy he is in the image above! Tonight brings us The League - “The Bye Week”, which I think is the first episode we’ll have seen Ruxin in in something like three weeks. Check that out on FXX at 10:30PM.

Before that at 10PM, also on FXX, is another new episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – “Mac Day”.

Over on regular FX at the same time, 10PM, is the season finale of The Bridge – “The Crazy Place”

At 9PM on ABC is a new episode of Modern Family – “Larry’s Wife”

Following that on ABC at 9:30PM is the premiere of the new show Super Fun Night, which I’m guessing got this time slot due to Conan O’Brien’s involvement. Or some soul selling.

At 10PM over on NBC is the series premiere of Ironside. It’s about a cop in a wheelchair. Get it?! Ironside because he’s in a wheelchair! It unfortunately does not star Michael Ironside.

At 10PM on Comedy Central is this season’s second episode of South Park – “Informative Murder Porn”. It has a lot to live up to given how good last week’s episode was.

Following that on Comedy Central at 10:30PM is the latest episode of Key & Peele. There will be ass-slaps.


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