Seeing is Killing

Daniel Radcliffe could have had a rough time as an actor. I mean, I like the guy, but being as short as he is (5′ 5″) would have severely hurt him if he didn’t become a famous actor at the age of 11. But, thanks to Harry Potter, Radcliffe is immensely famous.
The Woman in Black is his first movie since the end of the Harry Potter franchise. Should you see it, or cast a patronus against it?

This review contains spoilers of the central mystery.

In the film Radcliffe plays a young lawyer, Arthur Kipps, that seems to be down on his luck. He’s the single father of a four year old son, whose wife died during childbirth, and he seems about to lose his job unless things go very right for him. Unfortunately his next assignment is settling the paperwork on a house that everyone in the small village it is adjacent to believes is haunted.
The villagers are all very eager to send Mr. Kipps on his way back to London before he can even see the house.
We eventually learn that it’s haunted by a woman whose son was taken from her and then drowned in an accident – his aunt and uncle, who took him from the mother, survived. The biological mother then killed herself to be with the son. Now every time someone sees her she takes a child from someone in the village by willing the child to kill themself.
Kipps’ son is going to be meeting him in the village soon, and he has to either prevent his son from boarding the train or appease the vengeful spirit.


  • The tension was handled really well. They employed a lot of jump scares, but a lot of the time it felt more like a thriller than a horror film.
  • Ciaran Hinds and Janet McTeer are great as the couple Radcliffe befriended who’ve lost their son.
  • I liked the type of ending it had. I can appreciate that.


  • It’s not very scary. Like I said, there were some jump scares, but it’s not really a lasting horror movie where you’re scared later that night.
  • Sometimes it seemed like I was watching Harry Potter take on dark magic.

The Woman in Black isn’t a great movie, but it’s not bad either. I’d recommend this for people that are really into ghost stories. If you’re interested in seeing it because Radcliffe was in Harry Potter, than its probably not for you. I hope some day Radcliffe can emerge from behind the shadow of his previous role, but judging by the amount of 15 year olds at the showing I went to he still has a way to go.


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