Key and Peele – Episode 6

I missed last week’s episode, sorry about that. But, I’m back, with a vengeance.



  • Flash Mob opening
  • Friends overreacting to you never having seen a movie. – I’ve never seen Silence of the Lambs, WHAT?!
  • The friend who brings the Kobe beef and gets pissed at how it’s treated
  • “Racist” is the “n-word” to white people.
  • Ken Marino making a guest appearance.
  • The MMA trash talk sketch


  • The sketch Ken Marino appeared in. It was basically white guilt/trying to be cool. The punch line was great though.

Not Great

  • The Flicker bit.
  • The guy requesting “old school” music at the party

Ken Marino was a nice touch to an otherwise decent bit. This episode was really solid, but the length and flatness of the flicker sketch left a bad taste in my mouth about the entire episode.

Show Your Friends How Cool You Are