Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion

First I should start with a bit of a personal confession. I have never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, or Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I still haven’t finished Firefly, and I’ve only seen one episode of Dollhouse. I have seen Serenity and read Astonishing X-Men, but other than that I’m rather unfamiliar with Joss Whedon’s catalog.

You might think this book isn’t for someone that isn’t already a fan of Whedon, but you’d be wrong. While fans of his work will definitely get the most out of this book, people interested in pop culture in general will appreciate the well thought out essays about the span of Joss Whedon’s career. It’s 450+ pages about Whedon’s career with entire chapters devoted to Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Serenity, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Whedon’s film career, and the comics he’s written.

At the beginning of each chapter is a 101 familiarizing you with the franchise the rest of that section is about. These are great for people who aren’t fans yet, and I would assume they apply as great refreshers for people who have been longtime fans. The rest are essays about the franchise by people who have studied Whedon’s work and its cultural effects.

This is a great book for fans of Joss Whedon, or someone who may be interested in what he’s done, especially after the most recent movie he directed (The Avengers) has been breaking box office records. It might just make a fan out of you. I know I’m going to be checking out Angel on Netflix now. And I promise I’m going to finish Firefly.

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