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I’ve heard a lot of people discuss the idea of what super power they would like to have if such things were possible. Invisibility, mind control, telekinesis, and flight seem to usually be the most sought after. Most people don’t consider that with strong enough telekinesis flight would just be a bonus.

Chronicle is a found footage film, a genre that we here at Never Not a Nerd have hated. We went against history and gave this one a shot. Will our distrust be validated?

Chronicle focuses on tortured high high school student Andrew Detmer. His mother is dying, his father’s an alcoholic, he gets picked on at school, and his only semblance of a friend is his cousin Matt. He’s also sort of the class outcast, and starts video taping everything to further that role (or so that we have a movie).
He gets talked into going to a rave by his cousin Matt. While there, Matt and super popular Steve Montgomery make a discovery in an odd cave in the woods adjacent to the rave. They talk Andrew into joining them inside to take video of whatever they find. After a very strange experience, some of which we never see, the three are left with the ability to move things with their minds.


  • Chronicle actually has a story to it. It’s not the strongest ever , but it’s really solid for a found footage movie. It’s not just “there’s a witch in these woods”, or “there’s a demon in my closet”. You actually feel for Andrew throughout most of the movie.
  • Due to the super powers Chronicle is also able to approach found footage in a way most movies can’t, from a third person perspective. Once Andrew learns how to levitate the camera it makes it look less like found footage, which is nice.


  • The effects are not great. I’m sure they had a small budget, and this is probably the most effects heavy found footage movie ever, but they just didn’t look that good.
  • During the showdown at the end we’re really shown the limitations of this type of movie taking on the idea of super powers. We get a bunch of CCTV shots and a scene where Andrew floats a bunch of cameras around him to capture a conversation in the air.


Chronicle was a fun movie. It was way better than I expected it to be. With a story that worked well and a fun concept I’d recommend it to super hero fans, even if you don’t like found footage. The end may have been lame, and it seems like they’re going to make a sequel, but this is worth a matinee ticket for sure.

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