Some Sunday night comedy.

This is pretty old. Now, that that is out of the way I feel like I should say I didn’t hate Heavy Rain as a game. I did, however, really hate some of the unnatural movements some of the characters made and some of the voices, mainly the kids(daaaahd). Can you believe Heavy Rain creator David Cage criticized the mo-cap used for L.A. Noire? Dude, your game wasn’t the god-send you think it was.

Check out what was supposed to be an emotionally engaging seen, but ended up being overly repetitive and annoying, below. Oh, and the scene that may have inspired it.

Non-live commentary:

What 10 year old kid wants a balloon? The answer is zero, 10 year olds want replica rocket launchers and paintball guns.

Does this guy really not know what pocket his wallet/money is in?

Kids like this are why those weird child leashes exist.

At 10 he WOULD be in the skateboard store, or a toy store. This kid is the worst 10 year old ever.

Get your hands off my kid, weirdo

This kid is SO STUPID. “Daahd is on the other side of the street. I must throw caution to the wind and get to the other side of the street as quickly as possible.” Actually, since he is so dumb his thought process would probably be more like “Daahd over there. me must be over there too”

A scene from Minority Report “enhanced”

See, his kid was kidnapped. He didn’t wonder off and get himself killed like an idiot.

And now, one of the best things, maybe ever. Mega64’s Heavy Rain parody.

If you didn’t laugh when he was just standing there shaking the orange juice, something is probably wrong with you.

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