You Know, it’s an Ironic Title

Wait, let’s break this down.  Hit the next page to see why I have no idea what the hell is happening here.

  1. Hal bleeding in the destroyed White Lantern Power Battery.  So what does he decide to do?  Take a nap on it.  Nice job Hal.  Douche.
  2. They have GOT to do something to make Aqualad’s powers look less like electricity.  I can tell what it is, it’s just not easy to identify as water.
  3. J’onn, stop burning that tree.  Trees don’t like fire.  Last I checked, neither did you.  None of this situation is good.
  4. Nice ribs Aquaman.  Oh, I’m sorry, you can’t hear me because you’re currently deceased.
  5. Looks like the Firestorm team is digging a Black Lantern out of some rubble.  I fear they don’t realize why that’s dangerous.
  6. Guy Gardner and Atrocitous: Building a bridge to 1989.
  7. So Hawk and Dove are holding Jade.  So that’s happening.  Yeah, that’s happening right there.
  8. Check out all the Hawkmen and Hawkgirls!  I bet their coming out of that Stargate made of skeletons is a good sign.
  9. Guys am I stoned or does that cloud look like the Anti-Monitor?  Guys I think I’m freaking out here.  Someone talk me down.
  10. Boomerangs!
  11. Deadman is getting really good at chiseling tombstones.  Anyone else think he’ll be dead by the end of this story?

That sounds about right.  None of this makes any real sense to me when you consider it’s a story called the Brightest Day.  I thought this was supposed to be a story about the return to good times for superheroes.  I guess that meant more dead characters.

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