Insidious is…

I’ve never done this before, and I don’t know if I ‘ll ever do it again, but this is a second-hand review. I didn’t see this movie myself, my girlfriend did and this is what she told me about it. I asked her to write this, and she said she “didn’t want to relive it”, so it must be good right? This will be short and to the point.

In Insidious, not too long after a family moves into a new home weird things start to happen. When the couple’s son goes into the attic to investigate a noise he heard he falls, freaks out, and then mysteriously goes into a coma later that night. After a few months in the hospital they bring him home, where even weirder/scarier things start to happen. So, they decide to move away from their haunted house. But, when they do move nothing changes and things just get worse. That’s when they call in the old hauntings movie cliche, the psychic.


  • This movie is super scary. It will cause you to jump out of your seat multiple times throughout. There was one scene in particular where about 75% of the people in the theater screamed at the same time.


  • About halfway through the story scares itself out of being any good. The description of what’s actually happening to the boy is lame.
  • It borrows a lot from Poltergeist; like the woman psychic there to guide them through this experience with evil spirits, and what the father has to do to save his son.

It’s good if you’re looking for a scare and you hate sleeping well in your dark room at night. If you’re looking for something with a worthwhile story this isn’t what you’re looking for(it was written by the same guy that wrote Saw after all). The scariness almost makes you forget what the story is lacking though. If you’re a horror fan it’s a definite see.


If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of what happens in the film including spoilers I suggest you head over to io9 and read their review.

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