Inception Was, and Still is, a Cultural Phenomenon

Inception was one of the biggest movies of 2010. As far as reception and Youtube parodies go this was one of the most popular movies in recent memory. It seems like every film had an Inception mash-up or Inception style trailer created by a fan. Check out some examples below.


This Toy Story mash-up is one of the cream of the crop. When the elephant stuffed animal sneezes it’s perfect.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Inception is great because of the dialogue from both films. Some great Bill & Ted lines really make it hilarious.

Ahh, Total Recall, one of the best sci-fi films of all time. Mix it with Inception and you have an awesome trailer.

“Upception”, the Inception/Up mash-up is probably the best mash-up involving Inception that I’ve seen. The mouths often match, there’s not two voices coming out of the same character’s mouth, there are action scenes when the music gets epic. This is a must watch.

Inception “Style” - These use the non-Inception film’s dialogue, but the Inception score.

Ghostbusters + Hans Zimmer’s Inception score = Something awesome in the neighborhood

This Superbad trailer is awesome, well, except for the part where it says “from the director of Superbad”. It also might be a little unsafe for work.

Billy Madison with Inceptions music is pretty good. It doesn’t quite have enough action scenes to fill the time, but this is proof that Hans Zimmer’s music make most things better.

There you have it. The actual mash-ups are much better than the stylized trailers, but if these prove anything it’s that: Inception had some of the best trailers ever, and that “Mind Heist” by Hans Zimmer just makes everything seem more epic and important.

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