I Have No Idea Where I Stand Now On The Social Network

First off, no one told me that Rashida Jones was going to be in this movie.  Why didn’t anyone tell me that Rashida Jones was going to be in this movie?  I love Rashida Jones, I think she’s awesome.  Okay, moving on, the new trailer of The Social Network (finally with footage not just booms and talking) actually makes it look like an enjoyable experience.  A lot seems to be going on with this movie, which, while I find quite enjoyable, I also find rather troubling.  Think about it: it looks like a lot of work was spent on the story of Facebook’s creation just because Facebook is so damn popular.  If some ideas that have gone through Hollywood had half this amount of work put into them we’d be a lot better off and we wouldn’t have to deal with M. Night ruining The Last Airbender.  Okay, new trailer on the next page.

I don’t know why I’m spending so much time on The Social Network lately.  Maybe I’m having a breakdown?  I’m wondering if they do a sequel will it be all about Farmville?
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