I Don’t Want You, But I Need You

In this week’s Alphas, episode 5, the team is sent to a small town to investigate the mysterious deaths of some of the townspeople. The people are dying by “rotting” from the inside out.

What was really happening is that they were experiencing withdrawals from oxytocin, a chemical in the brain that causes sensations of love.


  • It was something to do for an hour.
  • It’s still early on in this series lifespan, but they need to stick with the whole concrete enemy and arching storyline with Red Flag as a villain.
  • Gary is even more annoying than usual. They’re given badges, and he abuses his.
  • Chase was misused. We don’t want to see him running up lockers and doing cartwheels. We want to see him shooting the hinges off of doors like last week.
  • A “House” joke was made.
It’s disappointing because last week was the best episode of the series, and then this one was such a huge decline. Hopefully the show runners are going to realize where they should take this show and get away from the single story per episode format. Long story lines might be harder to get into, but they do create long-time viewers if they’re good enough.
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