How to Destroy Angels – Self-Titled EP

How to Destroy Angels is a new band consisting of Nine Inch Nails’ frontman Trent Reznor, his wife Mariqueen Maandig, and Nine Inch Nails’ producer Atticus Ross. Their first EP was released free via e-mail today, June 1st.


  • This 6-song EP is pretty much Nine Inch Nails(NIN) songs with Mariqueen on vocals.
  • It was super free, which it is for everyone as long as you’re OK with 320 kbps. If you’d like better quality tracks you can buy it for $2.


  • It sounds like NIN, but even more so it really nails(not an intended pun) that NIN side-project sound.  You can tell this isn’t Trent Reznor on his “A” game. A lot of the songs use very similar sounds/structures to NIN songs, with only a couple songs not sounding like b-sides.
  • If you heard the songs released before this and hoped to yourself that Trent would be doing vocals on some of the songs than I’m sorry, because he doesn’t sing on this EP. I’ve never heard Maandig’s previous band, West Indian Girl, but on this she sounds like she’s doing her best Trent impression.
  • Letting your new wife sing over some songs you weren’t planning on using for yourself isn’t that great of a wedding present.

I’ve been a big Nine Inch Nails fan for a while and I can say that while this EP is decent, it’s nothing special. Half of the songs sound like they were part of the Ghosts sessions, with only two songs worth listening to multiple times, and those are probably the two most Nine Inch Nails like songs. The hype outweighed the result. It is very free though, so you should check it out.

Album Highlights : “The Space in Between” & “A Drowning”

Here are a couple videos of the songs. The second is just a picture and the track playing.

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