Homeland - still positiveA show that was once a critical darling seems to have gone slightly off the rails into crazy pants town. This reminds me of that SNL sketch about Homeland when Anne Hathaway hosted and she just kept losing her cool and crying hysterically.

Homeland airs on Showtime at 9PM.

Homeland is followed on Showtime by Masters of Sex at 10PM.

Taking it back to the beginning of the night, there’s a brand new Bob’s Burgers on FOX for the first time in a few weeks at 8:30PM.

The Walking Dead is on AMC at 9PM.

American Dad! airs on FOX at 9:30PM.

Eastbound & Down is on HBO at 10PM.

That is followed on HBO by Hello Ladies at 10:30PM.

The very funny China,IL ends the night on Adult Swim at 11:30PM.

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