It’s Like Home Movies With Better Animation…Kinda

Bob’s Burgers is a new FOX cartoon during their “Animation Domination” block on Sunday nights. It was created by Loren Bouchard, the creator of Home Movies, and stars H. Jon Benjamin as Bob, the owner of a burger joint (obvious) and his family. Could it be the highlight of the often times bland “Animation Domination” block?

In the episode we’re introduced to Bob and his family, which includes his wife Linda and their three kids: Tina, Gene, & Louise. He forgets his anniversary and his wife convinces herself that Bob has an elaborate surprise set-up for her. A food inspector shows up and accuses Bob of using human remains in the burgers, so he puts a poster up in the window. The food inspector just so happens to be an ex-boyfriend of Bob’s wife Linda. Through a mishap a candy makers casket complete with a bow on it ends up in front of Bob’s restaurant and Linda mistakes it for Bob’s surprise, so she brings it it and opens it. The food inspector is there and thinks the body in the casket is for them to grill, so he calls the media which results in a mob forming outside Bob’s Burgers. The episode kind of resolves itself from there. The inspector basically just decides to test the meat himself to give Bob a break.


  • H. Jon Benjamin is great at whatever he does, One of the best voice actors of the past 10 years. I only say that because I don’t really know who did voice acting before the last 10 years, sorrrry.
  • Two of his kids are played by Eugene Mirman (Gene) and Kristen Schaal (Louise).
  • While Bob steps away for a little while, his daughter Louise changes the burger of the day to the Child Molester, which comes with free candy.
  • When the mob forms one of the protester’s is holding a sign that says “Don’t Taste Me Bro”


  • The wife Linda wasn’t one of the good aspects of the episode.
  • Too much was said about the daughter Tina’s itchy crotch.

Bob’s Burgers was a decent show. It wasn’t the savior of Fox’s Seth McFarlane Sunday’s, but it could get better over time. I discounted Archer earlier than I should have, and I won’t make the same mistake with this show.

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