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Stacking is the latest downloadable game from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine. In it you play as Charlie Blackmore, the smallest in a family of Russian nesting dolls.

After your father¬†mysteriously¬†disappears your older and larger siblings go off to work to support the family. They too start to disappear, and it’s up to Charlie to find them and save the family.

As the title suggests, the majority of the game involves you stacking inside larger nesting dolls. Charlie’s only power is the ability to stack within and take over the abilities of other nesting dolls. You need to use these abilities, often along with the environment, to solve puzzles in order to progress the story.


  • This quirky, funny story is told like a silent film. It’s a great way to tell the story of a game like this, and it totally nails the Sergei Eisenstein(Russian silent film director) vibe I think they were going for.
  • There’s multiple ways to solve each puzzle and a generous hint system. You are rewarded for solving each puzzle every way possible and the hints often come in very handy. Even though there were a couple ways I wouldn’t have figured out on my own, the hints do a great job of nudging you along without making you feel stupid.
  • Stacking is a great amount of game for the money. I got this for free due to being a Playstation Plus subscriber, but I’m pretty sure it’s only $15. It’s well worth the $15.

Stacking is a great game. It’s funny, it’s different, and it’s pretty long for a downloadable game. There was really nothing about it I didn’t like. This has to be the best downloadable game of the year so far, and it’s going to be hard to top(ple).


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