The ‘Hero’ of Fortune City

In Dead Rising 2 you play as protagonist Chuck Greene. Greene recently lost his wife in a zombie outbreak and has been looking after his daughter Katey by himself. The game opens with Chuck at an event called Terror is Reality, an over-the-top pay-per-view wrestling style event where the contestants kill zombies. After the event, right after Chuck gets paid and is on his way to retrieve his daughter, the zombies kept for the event all break out and start killing everyone. Chuck grabs his daughter and makes it to an underground shelter.

After settling in the shelter, a news report airs saying that Chuck Greene was responsible for the outbreak and shows a video of someone in a motorcycle suit opening the zombie gate. Chuck then has 72 hours before the military arrives to clear his name and save anyone he can along the way. Should you give Chuck a chance, or forget the idea of playing this game right away?


  • Killing zombies is a blast. You can play the game without doing any of the story missions and just kill zombies until the military arrives (i didn’t try it myself).
  • Once you get the maintenance key you open up an entire world of weapons possibilities. Finding/acquiring combo cards and testing out weapon combos to make scratch cards is the best aspect of the game. Trust me, when you create the weapon on the cover and just slice through a crowd of zombies you will love the game.
  • Lightsaber! Wolverine gloves! Yeah, they are only two of the combo weapons in the game, but the laser sword(flashlight and gems) is funny/awesome and the knife gloves(boxing gloves and bowie knife) is probably the most effective weapon in the game.
  • Co-op is a great addition. Without it this game can be a frustrating mess at times. In a friend’s game you can mess around and gain experience/money you can take back to your own game. The bosses are also WAY easier with someone to distract them while the other attacks.


  • I know this is a Japanese developed game, but this is not Metal Gear Solid, so why does it have so many cut scenes? The beginning is around 20 minutes of cut scenes.
  • The story isn’t bad until you get to the end and find out the truth about everything, then it creates some rather large plot holes.
  • Speaking of cut scenes, after a lot of them you have to sit through loading screens. If you go from one casino to another or outside another, there’s loading screen. You’re going to spend a LOT of time looking at load screens.
  • I don’t know if they did it to coincide with the time limit on every mission, but in co-op you have to stay with the host no matter what they’re doing. There’s no option to each go and do your own thing for a little while.
  • There’s a time limit on every mission, and most side missions are escort missions.

Dead Rising 2 isn’t a bad game, but sticking to the formula of the first game as much as they did ruins what could have been a great game. Sure, i know saving people needs to stay in the game and the time limit is part of the story, but the time limit can be your nemesis. Failing a mission because you didn’t get somewhere in time is EXTREMELY frustrating. The cut scenes are tolerable, but the load times you have to endure constantly will have you pulling out your hair. Also, try to finish the game in co-op and keep a pair of knife gloves on you at all times or you might end up going insane.

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