What the Hell Is a Malfested?

“I plan on living out the rest of my life with my sister” WHAT?!

Patroklos is a complete asshole, and his sister Pyrrha seems mentally challenged.

This is a short review of Soul Calibur V.


  • Th fighting mechanics, if you’re into 3D fighting games, then you’ll probably like this. The fighting is solid.
  • Character creation is pretty deep and you can spend a decent amount of time creating your character.


  • The story mode is TERRIBLE. The developers later admitted that they were originally planning for it to be four times longer.

Soul Calibur V isn’t a bad fighting game, but like a lot of things, when one element is really bad it’s what sticks with you. I won’t forget how bad the┬ástory┬ámode in this game was for a long time.

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