Little Havana’s Robin Hood

Morgan the Raider is a wanted man. The government suspects him of pulling a job that ended with him in possession of 40 million dollars of their money. The only thing is Morgan has no idea where that money is hidden, and the only guy that did know is missing most of his head.

In The Consummata Morgan is on the run from the government badges in Miami when a group of Cuban immigrants decide to do Morgan an un-requested favor and help him escape their pursuit.

After his pursuers are no longer on his tail the Cubans share that they often help other Cuban refugees, and where Morgan was hiding while the agents looked for him was their now empty treasury. Feeling the apparent desire to return the favor, Morgan decides to track down the Cuban traitor and recover their hard-earned money.

It’s not going to be as simple as Morgan thought. This isn’t just a simple recovery mission. There’s a lot more going on than he realizes.

I need to mention that this book was started in the 1960’s by author Mickey Spillane, but was recently finished by his friend Max Allan Collins.


  •  The dialogue is great. This is a very well written book. There’s a certain way they use to describe situations that I love, like Morgan saying he almost choked on his beer to signify that something was funny while he was drinking.
  • The characters are great too. Aside from Morgan there are a group of supporting characters that are interesting and have rich back-stories.
  • This book was written by the two authors, and while you can’t tell when it switches from one author to the other, it still seems like Collins had a different plan for the book than Spillane originally did. The book is called The Consummata, but she’s only mentioned a couple of times, and appears in few pages. It’s almost as if Spillane had a large role planned for her, but Collins wasn’t too interested in the character.
The Consummata is one of those books that I really liked, but as a reviewer I’m finding it hard to pinpoint a myriad of reasons to describe exactly why. I just really loved that 60’s crime feel. This could easily be adapted for a movie, and be a damn good one. I would suggest a title change though, it doesn’t fit the almost entire lack of the character.
Just read The Consummata, it’s definitely worth the time it would take you.

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