Harry Potter and the Part One of Deux

You may not have noticed but everyone is a-giggle about the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Two-Parter.  Or “Two-Potter” or whatever the hell you could imagine it being called.  There are a lot of title-y puns that are still to arise as we wait for what isn’t the last of the Harry Potter series.  Lots of dramatic music and darkness in the trailer.  You’d think Harry Potter had invented a widely-popular social networking site.  I don’t recall seeing Harry use Expecto Patronum at any time in this preview, which is weird because although I still haven’t read the books, from watching the movies it seems like he learned that spell and it became his all-purpose “stop-evil” spell.  To see the Harry Potter vs. Snakeface trailer hit the next page.

Do you think peer-pressure will push J.K. Rowling into doing more Harry Potter books after the movies are done?  This franchise has pretty much become a behemoth and to think this would be the end of big Harry Potter releases is kind of crazy.  Even if it isn’t about Harry.  Maybe just expanding on the universe.  I guess we just have to wait and see.
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