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The Third Street Saints are no longer just a gang, they’re a franchise. They have an energy drink, a movie deal, and groups of fans wanting to take photos and get autographs.

The Saints have also expanded from Stillwater to Steelport, and in doing so have me some opposition for control from a criminal organization called The Syndicate.

After a flight gone very bad you decide it’s time to get rid of The Syndicate and take Steelport for the Saints.


  • The way in which you go about taking over the city, and the characters you do it with are amazing. This is an incredibly fun story.
  • Not only is it fun, but it’s very funny, and pop culture reference heavy. A lot of the missions even have funny titles like : “Trojan Whores” and “Stop All the Downloading”. There’s a Tron-like world where a mission takes place. And one of the weapons available in the game is a four-foot-long purple dildo with a baseball bat handle called “the¬†penetrator”.
  • Gone are the forced grinding experiences of Saints Row and Saints Row 2 where you needed a certain respect level for missions. Missions don’t have respect level requirements, but upgrades do, so you’re going to have to level up anyway if you want to get more powerful, which you can easily do messing around in the game world.
  • Speaking of messing around in the game world, this has to be the most fun I’ve had in a sandbox game. Some of the chases I cooked up were epic. Even Just Cause 2 and its grappling hook didn’t do it for me as much as doing random things in Saints Row the Third did. There are also many activities to keep you occupied.
  • The activities, which include awesome things like Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Fun Time Explosion, or whatever it’s called, are better than I remember from previous Saints games. The worst ones are the “motorcycle in a virtual Sonic the¬†Hedgehog world”(Trail Blazing) and Insurance Fraud, but at least Insurance Fraud is kind of funny.


  • OK, yeah, the Trail Blazing activity where you drive a motorcycle through checkpoints is pretty bad.
  • Whenever you catch on fire or get caught in a similar situation you go through a preset animation that you can’t control, which often leads to more danger.

Saints Row the Third is a fantastic game. It took me around 18 hours to play the entire story seeing both endings. If you do a lot of activities it could easily be much longer. Or, if you wanted to just play the story it could be shorter. You could also just cause mayhem in Steelport for hours at a time. It’s what you make of it. If you like fun you should enjoy Saints Row the Third.

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