The Green Lantern Looks… Well, I Don’t Want to Say “Good”

What’s a way to say “not good” but not actually mean “not good”?  One this is, I just don’t think it works.  This is the problem with having the costume be entirely CGI.  The mask is horribly shaped, the costume looks too much like it’s covered in LEDs.  In fairness this cover doesn’t permit us to see if there’s much of a division of the costume between green areas and black areas.  It’s just… it’s covered in lines!  Why is it covered in lines?  What the hell?  Look, I haven’t seen this in action yet, so I’m trying to be reserved but what the hell is with the lines all over his costume?  I’d have been totally fine with it being an actual costume Ryan Reynolds wore, looking exactly like in the comics.  There should have been no problem with that at all.  But instead… lines!

So apart from looking like a nightlight we have to keep in mind that the Green Lantern’s powers are alien in nature, so the costume, I suppose is meant to correspond to that better.  Especially considering that many other species will need to be wearing similar costumes.  I can’t wait to see Kilowog and Tomar Re, a couple of my favorite designs for GLs.  But the mask is all wrong, as Andrew pointed out to me earlier today.  And his costume looks like a big Lite-Brite.  I guess I’m just afraid that the overall costume is going to make the movie seem a lot more like… okay, do you know those rides you go on where you have a big screen in front of you and you’re following a character on a journey throughout the ride through “space” or “the rain forest” or wherever?  I fear that’s how this movie is going to feel.  If Hal Jordan turns to the audience and says “C’mon gang!  I think Sinestro is this way!” I will be displeased.  But if the theater I’m in then tilts forward and goes down a ramp at high speeds I might be cool with it.

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