Green Hornet – Happily Ever After

This second issue of the Kevin Smith written Green Hornet deals with Britt Reid(the former Green Hornet) and his son. It starts out with his son’s girlfriend leaving him and then transition’s to the Sentinel, which is the paper Reid Sr. runs. Possible Spoilers ahead.


  • The action sequence toward the end is pretty cool, it is kind of hard to tell what’s happening though.


  • This comic can get pretty wordy. I don’t think comics should be all pictures, or anything like that, but some frames are almost all words. This isn’t really surprising since this comes from an unproduced movie script.
  • It might be a good thing that words take up a good amount of the frames, because the art is very ‘meh’.  This issue isn’t as bad as the first one, which had a frame where a bunch of guys standing in the background seemed to have the exact same face, but it’s definitely nothing to brag about.

This issue isn’t really a must read. I will keep reading this series though, because I just want to see the cover become a reality.  I also want to know for sure who the mystery woman at the end of this issue actually is and am interested to know how she becomes the new ‘Kato’ to the son’s Green Hornet. If that’s not what happens I’ll be super surprised.

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