The Goon #38

This week Eric Powell’s The Goon #38 reaches a new creative highpoint.

Any fans of the series are already aware that the tone of The Goon is never consistent, and tends to be an amalgam of genres. The downside is that plot points are setup that are either dropped or put on the back burner for an extended period of time, and the upside is that readers get a book that never stops surprising them. Issue 38 is among the most satisfying of surprises. The Goon, himself, isn’t exactly full of character development, nor is that usually the point of the books. Chinatown was exceptional in that it humanized Goon, and gave him depth, without being overly heavy handed. The latest issue continues the trend, giving us a glimpse into the events that led to Goon being raised by his aunt, and is heavy on the heart. I’m not ashamed in the least to say that I got slightly choked up by the end of the issue. Not bad for a character that starred in a book called Satan’s Sodomy Baby. Powell is proof that creator owned comics can be exponentially more satisfying than the superhero fare of the big 2. Highly recommended.

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