What’s Good on the TV? – Wednesday September 26th, 2012

All of these shows are listed as comedies, but are they all funny?

8:00 – Animal Practice – “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” - This is a show about a sarcastic veterinarian that works with a monkey. It’s better than it sounds, but not by much. NBC

8:30 – Guys With Kids – “Chris’ New Girlfriend” - You know what I just said about Animal Practice? That show is much better than this one. NBC

9:00 – Modern Family – “Bringing Up Baby” - The Emmy winning powerhouse returns for its fourth season. ABC

9:30 – The Neighbors – “Pilot” – It’s been almost universally critically hated, but it has a very good lead in, so we’ll see how it does. ABC

10:00 – South Park – “Sarcastaball” - Randy’s campaign to prevent head injuries in football radically changes the way the game is played, but the new rules become a national sensation and even make a South Park student a star athlete. Comedy Central

10:30 – Key and Peele - There are a lot of great sketch shows on TV now, and Key and Peele is one of the best. I’ve already seen this episode which has sketches that I’m going to name “If You Can’t Stand the Heat… “, “Hope and Bake”, “Pimpin’ Ain’t Jeezy”, and “I Believe You Can Fly”. Comedy Central

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