What’s Good on the TV? – Wednesday November 28th, 2012

A great show ends its second season tonight.

8:00 – Arrow – “Muse of Fire” – The Huntress, who is the daughter of mob boss Frank Bertinelli, arrives in Starling City. Oliver is smitten with her but soon learns she is hiding some dark secrets. CW

9:00 – Modern Family – “When a Tree Falls” - Mitchell reluctantly joins Cameron in a campaign to save an old tree in a park. ABC

9:00 – Supernatural – “Hunteri Heroici” – Castiel tells Sam and Dean that he wants to become a hunter, and he helps them investigate a case in which a man’s heart literally burst through his chest. The probe reveals that other strange murders have occurred in town, all of which resemble deaths from cartoons. CW

10:00 – Moonshiners – “Storm’s a Brewin'” - A storm threatens Josh and Bill’s underground still; Tickle goes rogue. Discovery

10:30 – Key and Peele – The finale of season 2! Comedy Central

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