What’s Good on the TV? – Wednesday November 14th, 2012

South Park’s season finale was last week, but it’s OK, there’s still TV on Wednesday nights.

8:00 – Arrow – “Legacies” - Brazen bank robbers dubbed the Royal Flush Gang threaten the city, which forces Oliver to examine the scope of his mission and decide whether to stray from his father’s list so he can help others in need. CW

9:00 – Modern Family – “Mistery Date” - Alex’s academic decathlon means a weekend getaway for Manny and Luke when Claire brings them along, but they’re preoccupied with meeting girls at the hotel. ABC

9:00 – Supernatural – “A Little Slice of Kevin” - Mrs. Tran and Kevin create a demon bomb to use against Crowley. CW

10:00 – Eddie Murphy: One Night Only - Celebrities pay homage to Eddie Murphy. Included: appearances by Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Tracy Morgan, Arsenio Hall, Brett Ratner, Charlie Murphy, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Martin Lawrence. Spike

10:00 – Moonshiners – “Moonshine Goldmine” - A breakthrough is made on Josh and Bill’s underground still; Mark and Jeff build a copper still. Discovery

10:30 – Key and Peele - Their South Park lead in may be gone, but you should still be watching this. Comedy Central

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