What’s Good on the TV? – Wednesday March 28th

Everything tonight is funny in its own way. Well, except for NOVA, that shouldn’t be funny.

9:00 – NOVA – “Cracking Your Genetic Code” - The ability for people to have their genetic codes analyzed is examined, as are the moral aspects that come with access to such information. Included: a cancer patient who may have cheated death and a cystic fibrosis sufferer who’s breathing easier because scientists neutralized the genetic abnormalities underlying their conditions. PBS

9:30 – Happy Endings – “Big White Lies” – Penny tells a little white lie to get out of reuniting with a pesky childhood friend, and soon the entire gang is caught up in a frenzy of fibbing, with each seemingly innocent untruth growing bigger than the one before. ABC

10:00 – Monster Man – “Monster Infestation” - Director Tony Randel tasks the team with creating a bio-mechanical pest while an up-and-coming director needs ants with explosive personalities. SyFy

10:00 – Psych – “Autopsy Turvy” - An autopsy mistake threatens Woody’s job, prompting Shawn and Gus to look for the cadaver’s real cause of death in order to help their friend. USA

10:00 – South Park – “Faith Hilling” - An evolutionary development poses a grave threat to humanity. Comedy Central

10:30 – Ugly Americans – “The Roast of Twayne Boneraper” – Twayne is roasted by his colleagues for his 10th anniversary at the D.O.I., but Mark’s inappropriate remarks cause the man of the hour to resign, putting Mark in charge in a management shake-up that results in the near-destruction of New York City. Comedy Central

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