What’s Good on the TV? – Wednesday March 27th, 2013

Psych - 100 CluesThere’s an episode of Psych on tonight that I’m pretty sure is “interactive”.

8:00 – Arrow – “Salvation” - Roy is kidnapped by an angry resident of the Glades who calls himself “The Savior” and goes on a killing spree to punish those he believes have wronged people living in his neighborhood. CW

9:00 – Modern Family – “The Wow Factor” - Claire and Cameron disagree on a landscaping matter for a house they’re trying to flip, so they call on a neutral party—one of the lesbian moms from Lily’s school—to settle the issue. ABC

9:00 – Supernatural – “Freaks and Geeks” - Sam and Dean investigate a series of vampire kills and discover that some orphans, who lost their parents to vampires, are being trained as hunters by a mysterious man. He claims he is helping the kids get revenge, but Dean is suspicious of his motives. CW

10:00 – Psych – “100 Clues” - Shawn and Gus go to a secret party at a mansion owned by a former rock star who was once arrested for a murder he doesn’t remember committing. – I’m pretty sure this is meant to be watched along live, because you can vote for who you think did it. USA

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