What’s Good on the TV? – Wednesday January 16th, 2013

kroll show ep 1We have a couple late night comedy shows premiering tonight, giving us a much fuller looking Wednesday night.

8:00 – Arrow – “Burned” - Oliver loses confidence in himself and tries to take a step back from his heroic adventures, but Laurel needs his help looking into a firefighter’s death. CW

9:00 – Modern Family – “Party Crasher” – Jay and Gloria plan a surprise party for Manny’s 14th birthday; Haley’s interest in an older man is a concern for her parents; Cameron worries that Lily is closer to Mitchell. ABC

9:00 – Supernatural – “Torn and Frayed” – Castiel tries to rescue a fellow angel, who is being held captive by Crowley. CW

10:00 – Moonshiners – “Moonshine Treasure Hunt” - Tim searches for 60-year-old moonshine at the bottom of a lake; Mark and Jeff have a run-in with a bandit. Discovery 

10:00 – Workaholics – “Booger Nights” - The guys set out to prove they’re the funniest people in the office at an employee’s roast. Comedy Central

10:30 – Kroll Show – “San Diego Diet” - Sex in the City for Dudes! Comedy Central

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